Lookdev / Production Previs / Cinematics

Theatrical Lighting / Cinematic Cameras / Sound / Editing / Animation / Dynamics & Simulation / Particle FX - The works.
All these ingredients, leveraging the best realtime applications i.e. Unreal Engine, I help bring creative visions closer to life, that much faster.

Packaged in a standalone application for VR / Standalone / mobile, either for internal creative use or for client sign-off.

Combine animated & scripted animation sequences with on-the-fly triggered events by using custom controllers in Web HTML / OSC / analog.

Realtime & Interactive Prototyping

My passion is for realtime and interactive applications / installations.

The fun starts when you combine a fresh creative idea with new design aesthetics exploration

as well as constant thirst for new technical challenge.

Technical RnD / Custom production tools / User Interface

The most challenging tasks calls for the best solutions.

Early in a project, I often find myself spending rnd time, whether it's for a certain workflow technique or creating tools from scratch.

When traditional methods are too slow or at times impossible with off the shelf solutions,
I've been creating tools during my entire career to help better workflow - it is imperative that I find better ways in doing things all the time.

Designing User Interfaces that people find to be user friendly has been a side discovery of enjoyment along the way.

Identify / Disrupt / Collaborate / Fix / Improve / Share / Repeat

VFX Generalist

I've always been a VFX generalist with a heavy focus on Lighting / Rendering / Particle, Fluid, Hair, Liquid Dynamics, primarily using Maya.
While Maya is no longer my bread and butter - I'm still connected with Xgen / Maya Fluid / all of nDynamics from time to time.
I still rely on Maya's HIK to get mocap retargetting done. These days my time spent in Maya is probably about 1% of UE4's.


of creative ideas and better ways of doing things,

new ways of using current tech to make something new,

how to use new technology to better current processes,

how to use new tech, with fresh ideas and create something completely wild.

Fail some, win some, learn always

reach out, everything starts with a conversation.


+61 424646788

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